In SAP SD When is an info structure updated ?

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Data analysis in the Sales Information System is based on statistical data that has been updated from Sales and Distribution to the information structures

Events: Sales information system

The following data from the sales and distribution processes update the information structures:

Sales documents (for example: orders, returns, requests for quotation, quotations)


Billing documents (debit memos, credit memos, cancellations) The data flows from the document structure to the information structures

what is customer account group in sap sd?

SAP SD Questions & Answers

When you create a Customer master record for a business partner, you must first select an account group.

The account group determines:

Which screens and fields are necessary for entering master data

Whether you can or must make an entry in these fields

How master record numbers are assigned (externally by you or internally by the system) and the number range from which they are assigned

Which partner functions are valid?

Whether the business partner is a one-time customer or one-time vendor.