SAP SD Project Training | SAP SD Project Blueprint

SAP SD project training with real time business scenarios from your choice of industry i.e.  Pharma ,  Auto, Manufacturing, FMCG etc

After enrolling for SAP SD project training, the first step before starting the project training is, I’ll prepare a perfect job getting resume for you suitable to the Current SAP Market. My Sap SD project training will be completely focused on the projects you mentioned in your resume. (I’ll help in choosing the projects).

We’ll start project training, understanding the SAP SD project blueprint for the latest project in your resume and the industry you mentioned. We’ll completely focus on One Implementation and one support project.

All the ASAP 5 Phases, will be clearly explained with your client’s Business Processes.

  1. Project Preparation,
  2. Business Blueprint,
  3. Realization,
  4. Final Preparation,
  5. Go-live and Production Support

We’ll go through different documents which involve in different ASAP Phases

  1. Requirement Gathering Q&A database    2. BBP Document       3. AS-IS Document     4. TO-BE Document  5.GAP Analysis Document 6.Functional Specs Document 7. Configuration Documents 8.Test Cases 9. User Training Documents 10.KT Documents

We’ll also cover detailed Client’s requirements for User Exits, Pricing Requirements & Routines, Output Requirements, LSMW, BDC,  ABAP Program Debugging, background jobs,

I’ll  provide you 5 RICEF ISSUES with solutions i.e.  5 User exits, 5 Gaps , 5 Real time Tickets(Level 1-4), 5 Real time SD issues.

You can explain these Real time Issues in your interview

For Example

Q1) if Interviewer asks what gaps you identified in your latest implementation project.

Ans) you can explain any of the 5 gaps, which I provide you in the sap sd project training

Q2 ) If interviewer ask what is the toughest Ticket you solved till date or what is the ticket you are working on presently or can you explain few tickets from your support experience

Ans)  You can confidently explain the tickets, which I provide you in the sap sd project training

Likewise I’ll also provide you 100+ real-time sap sd project related interview questions 99% expected in interviews.

We’ll also cover in outline the special business processes like consignments, Third party sales, STO, Intercompany sales.

you’ll be perfect and confident to face interviews, after the completion of Sap SD project training,